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2020 TRIPS

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If you would like more information, please reach out to our mission's staff today!



Personal Spiritual Growth!

Preparation for a mission trip is vital.  Once you know you are going on a mission trip, your heart will be pulled to pray and fast more often.  Once there, you will be challenged to pray more fervently with daily opportunities to minister the altars with people in need and to pray for people one-on-one.  Leaving distractions back at home will cause you to hear God in a way you have never heard Him before.  Because you are seeking after Him, you will find Him!


Character Building

Comfort zones are eliminated on mission trips.  Once your feet hit the soil, you realize you are not at home anymore!  The teachings of Christ about humility and self-denial become very real.  Christ-like attitudes and attributes are developed as you experience the compassion of Jesus and learn what it truly means to have a grateful heart.  Once you experience life on the mission field, you will never be the same!


Create a Team-Building Spirit

Working together with people you know and don’t know will be an everyday adventure.   Experience God’s word coming to life as you learn what Christ meant to be His body—working together with one spirit and one mind.  Every team member has a role to play on each mission trip.  You will see how vital each role will become to ensure the safety, strength, and success of the mission.  You will come home with a new love for your church and a desire to be involved even more!



The Most Rewarding Experience of your Life!

There is no better fulfillment in our lives than doing the work of Christ.  We guarantee you will have the most fun you could ever have serving Jesus on the mission field.  This experience will make an impression on your heart that will burn in you forever. Whether or not you ever go again, this experience will impact your life in such a way that you will never live the same!



A Passion to Reach the Lost

The hunger to win souls in these last days will be imprinted on your heart, and you will no longer be able to keep silent.


Going into all the world, 

preaching the Gospel!

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