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Jimmy Squires is known as a seasoned missionary to the Nations.  He is a proven, loyal Christian since 1978.  God has placed an Apostolic anointing upon his life to raise up ministers for the work of the Lord.  He is the founding pastor of Abundant Life Church, a strong, mission-minded church in Radcliff, Kentucky.  For over 33 years, this ministry has reached thousands of people through home and foreign missions and remains the headquarters for his world outreach ministry.


Dr. Mark T. Barclay, Jimmy’s pastor states, “He’s one of the finest missionaries I’ve ever known.  I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as Jimmy and be such a humble gospel worker as he is.”  The heart of this missionary is not to only go, but to help other ministries grasp a hold of the Great Commission.  With his knowledge, resources, and contacts, Jimmy desires to help jump-start or revive mission programs to ensure this gospel is preached to the ends of the earth. 


Jimmy Squires has impacted thousands of lives through his testimony, Godly wisdom, and uncompromising preaching of the Word of God and will hold nothing back for the cause of Christ.  



The vision of JMSM is simply the Great Commission: Going into all the world, preaching the Gospel to all creation, making disciples who are full of the Holy Spirit within these foreign lands and to the remote areas of the world. 


JMSM is currently ministering to people in Central and South America by: 

  • Encouraging and inspiring Pastors and Ministers in the foreign fields to go forth in these last days and fulfill the call upon their lives and imparting a “never-quit” determination within their hearts. 

  • Physically building churches to better equip these pastors in the foreign fields and supplying the necessary resources for them to effectively minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • Meeting the needs of these foreign lands through food, medical supplies, clothing, and toys for the children.

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